Mister Mo Private Invite-only Indicators

only for our $MRMO token holders

Let $MRMO show you the way to the moon !

Mister Mo Coin $MRMO

Features That Matter

The Reasons You’ll Love It

Fair Launch Token

Fair Launched on Raydium .io, no presale, zero taxes and fair distribution

Open access to all people

Everybody has equal access to all $MRMO tokens via Raydium .io, no taxes, no fees, all tokens in the exchange.

Eco Friendly

$MrMo is built on Solana network that now has 99.95% reduction in energy consumption

Nature is important

We care about our forests, rivers, oceans and soils that provide us with the food we eat, the air we breathe and the water we drink.

Utility of $MRMO

Buy and Hold min $50 of $MRMO tokens to get access to our Private invite-only scripts for TradingView

We share our knowledge with you

We give back to Mister Mo community our knowleadge, helping traders with our Private invite-only scripts for TradingView.

Sharing Is Caring

There will be no pre-allocated tokens for the team and we'll buy a fair 0.5% from total supply after launch of the token

A truly fair ‘fair launch’

Love only grows by sharing. You can only have more for yourself by giving it to others.

Promote on social media

We will build project awareness using different marketing techniques to reach all memetokens fans and more

Token marketig

To support token grow and our holders community we will buy-back and use for marketing some of $MRMO tokens

Burn to Grow

Burning reduces overall supply, increasing scarcity, which can increase the price and benefit the remaining holders

Burning program

Our commitment to creating a more robust and sustainable ecosystem for all $MRMO token holders


Mister Mo Private Invite-only Indicators

Only our token holders get access to our private indicators

  1. MO ADVANCED STOCHASTIC is a custom stochastic oscillator that use the reverse stochastic calculations for 4 different timeframes.
  2. MO ADVANCED RSI is a unique oscillator that provide useful insights on overbought and oversold conditions.
  3. MO DMI comes with a color coded fill area between Plus and Minus DMI’s to help user identify faster the moves.
  4. MO CCI –  Commodity Channel Index (CCI) is a technical indicator that measures the strength of the momentum in the market.

More indicators will be built by our team and displayed here in the future.

Who We Are

Mister Mo – Programmers, Traders, Technical Analysts

We are a team of skilled traders with a solid 7 years foundation in trading and technical analysis.

Our vision is to give back to Mister Mo Community our knowleadge and useful insight into possible future price action through our custom Private Invite-only indicators and strategies, so our community members will confidently navigate the markets.

We are developing on request customizable indicators and strategies to assist traders globally, user-defined parameters and Multiple timeframe data displayed to make the indicators flexible and adaptable to different scenarios.

Skills We Use

Pine script 100%
User Interface 95%
App Design 97%
Trading 100%

Get In Touch With Us

Complete the next form to Request access to our Private Invite-only indicators for Tradingview, or if you want to get a quote for programming some custom indicators or strategies for tradingview, or for anything else that you want to find about us or about our indicators and strategies for tradingview.